Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT

agitator | educator | facilitator

Spiritual Energy Healing - sometime referred to as Energy Medicine - is the channeling of healing energies from an external source through the healer to the client. It re-energizes and relaxes patients to enable their own natural resources to deal with the illness or injury in the best possible way. By "attuning" to this energy and with empathy and intent, the healer directs the energy -- usually through the hands -- to the client, either directly or indirectly through distant healing.

Our own bodies are designed to heal themselves, - they have the intelligence to do this, but often we become depleted or have "energy blocks" which prevent our bodies working and healing as they should. Our immune system becomes weakened.

This can be caused by many factors - such as stress, the environment, food, emotional issues etc and the healing energy will gently unblock those areas where the energy is stagnant -- thus allowing our bodies to start functioning correctly again.

It's a little bit like a car with a flat battery- sometimes it needs a boost from another car battery to kick it back into life!

Clients receiving healing tend to experience relaxation, peace, tingling, heat or coolness -- all indications that something is happening -- energy is starting to flow.

Healing can be given for any illness, stress or injury as it is completely natural, has no side effects, and is complementary to other therapies. The medical diagnosis of the illness is irrelevant to the outcome -- indeed, under our Code of Ethics, healers are not allowed to diagnose -- but the healing energy will find its' way to wherever it is needed most at the time.

Healing in America, a non profit organization, offers energy healing development programs across the US, helping people to heal themselves and to develop their healing gift. It provides a professional structure for people new to healing as well as for existing practitioners of other modalities offering ongoing support.

Healing in America is building on over 50 year's of success of England NFSH -The Healing Trust, empowering people to prevent and heal illness and lead to a happier, more peaceful and balanced lives. It is our belief and experience that anyone can learn to heal, and we are creating partnerships with medical professionals so that complementary and alternative medicine, like energy or spiritual healing, can become integrated into mainstream medicine.

The client's medical doctor is always in charge of the patient; the healer simply supplements or complements any other treatment or therapy.

More and more people are now receiving spiritual energy healing as a way of maintaining health - preventing illness - which is much more desirable than waiting until we become ill before seeking help.

Aside from its value in relieving pain and restoring function, healing is notable for initiating improvements in patients attitudes, clarity of thought, and improving their quality of life.

Our vision is to identify potential healers and encourage their development by offering professionally-run healing development workshops and courses, covering a wide range of topics. Individuals who wish to develop their healing potential are offered advice, training through a structured syllabus, and an on-going support program.

Our program is designed to provide information, experience, and support to new healers, and to expand the knowledge and expertise of established healers. Our approach is very grounded, with no mystery as to how it works.

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